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Mexico City - Mail Service

The postal service in Mexico City is not considered fast, nor very reliable, so people use it less and less for individual needs. You will receive your utility bills and some bank statements through the mail, though.
Many companies hire delivery persons (in-house messengers) to ensure the arrival of important documents (statements, credit cards, tickets, etc.). 
Invitations to important events (weddings, art exhibitions, and others) are hand delivered by specialized companies, which charge around $9 pesos per delivery within Mexico City and its metro area.
In my experience, letters and postcards from abroad do reach their final destination in 3-4 weeks. However, I have received foreign letters and postcards clearly showing that someone ripped off the post stamps!
If you need to send a letter through the mail, post stamps and mail boxes are available mainly at post offices and chain hotels (front desk). You may find a mail box at some supermarkets, but unfortunately, they do not sell post stamps at the supermarket!
The rate for sending an ordinary letter within the national territory is $6 pesos.
For additional rates, log on to:

Post Office Services  
Post offices offer the following services to individuals:

- Delivery of ordinary mail (letters and postcards)
- Post office boxes
- Postal Identification Card (your i.d. card to collect packages and money orders)
- Mail Holding, in case you leave your home for an extended period of time (a confidential mail holding service is also available)
- Confirm Delivery (national and international)
- Mail Tracking
- Pre-paid postage for return mail  (national and international)
- Nationwide Money Order (send/receive)
- Money Order from the United States (receive)
- C. O. D.
- Send Insured Cash to a small town in Mexico
- Nationwide parcel (package) delivery
- Parcel (package) insurance (When sending a parcel, best refer to the post office first for dimensions and weight. Not
  every size/weight is excepted)

- Bulk mail delivery

Post Office Address 
Here the addresses of some post offices within the main expat cluster areas:

  • Monte Libano
    Priv de Monte Libano 11-C 
    Colonia Lomas de Chapultepec
    11001  Mexico DF 
    Delegación o Municipio: Miguel Hidalgo 
    Tel:  + 52 (55) 5520 1059 
  • Centro Civico Satelite Mex  
    Circuito Medicos 77 
    Col. Ciudad Satelite
    53101 Mexico DF 
    Delegación o Municipio: Naucalpan
    Tel:  + 52 (55) 5572 4827 

To find other post office locations, log on to:

Delivery Service Companies  
Still, your best bet will be hiring a delivery service. Some of the most renowned delivery companies are:

  • Estafeta
    Tel:  + 52 (55) 5270 8300
  • DHL       
    Tel:  + 52 (55) 5345 7000
  • FedEx    
    Tel:  + 52 (55) 5228 9904
  • UPS      
    Tel:  + 52 (55) 5228 7900

They offer local, national and international service, including overnight delivery.