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Mexico City - Move and Travel Lists

It is always an individual choice, although some things are dictated by the destination country's regulations and safety compliance suggestons, what is considered essential to carry by hand  when travelling. Here are some suggestions about items that you are better off carrying with you, instead of sending them with your shipment.

Documents - all documents necessary to gain entry in the destination country (passport, visa, health records etc.).

Health records of all members of the family and pets (this should include vaccinations/inoculations records).

Education records for the whole family.

Utility Bill information, so that if you don't receive your last bills, you can contact the companies and finalize your last payments.

Banking Records are a good thing to have in case things don't go smoothly for some reason and you need to contact your bank back home.

Medications - Bring enough medicine with you for at least one month, as you are not sure to obtain the same brand abroad or to have access straight away to medicines. Medications should ALWAYS be accompanied by their prescriptions as in some countries few medications might be considered illegal.

If you wear glasses or contact lenses, bring an extra pair and your prescription with you.

Jewelries and Valuables - some people opt for wearing as much of it as possible and they vouch that it might be heavy on you, but that is worth it. There are mixed feelings about this option, as in some countries you might atract unwanted attention and cause trouble for yourself.

Take your toiletries on the plane together with more than one change of clothes, in case your suitcase gets lost or arrives later, it's good to have those items at hand. (Remember not to add any scissors, syringes or any other sharp items, since they are not allowed to be taken aboard)

Electronics - Your camera, maybe some inflight reading or work material, gifts, fully charged laptop, are items which you should carry as hand luggage. Adapters so that your equipment is ready to be plugged in straight  away in any country you go to  (make sure the voltage is the same!!).

If you have purchased portable electronic items such as a laptop, ipod etc. and they are travelling with you, add the warranties to your documents. You might need them sooner than the arrival of your shipment.

Baby Stuff -  If travelling with babies or kids, remember to add diapers, wipes, baby formula and bottles, pacifiers, snacks and drinks, medication your child may need (with prescription!), thermometer. It may seem a lot, but if you are boarding a long haul flight make sure to have these items with you). You never know when you might need them and you can't depend on the airline for supplies, however helpful they may be.