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Mexico City - Senior Care

In-home Care
You may hire someone to take care of your loved one at home, at a reasonable rate. There are three main options for in-home care employees:

Caregiver (cuidadora)
This is a person that will keep the patient company, and help him/her in everyday activities like feeding, dressing, and administering oral medicines.

A nurse will be useful for a patient who needs to be medically monitored (pressure, pulse, temperature). She/he will also perform common procedures, like administering intramuscular injections.

Specialized Nurse
Depending on the condition and needs of the patient, a specialized nurse might be necessary for operating special equipment or performing more complex procedures.

Please call a hospital (look under our Hospitals section) and enquire about their in-home services. They will usually send someone reliable, and should anything happen to the employee, a replacement will be sent right away. If you only need a caregiver and previous experience with elderly people is not an issue, you might consider hiring a maid, that will additionally help with house chores. Note that nurses and experienced caregivers will usually NOT perform any housekeeping chores, and you might need to hire a domestic employee in addition.

Assisted Living for Seniors
Housing options are becoming more and more available, with a wide variety of options in terms of services, facilities, personnel, and price. We recommend that you visit several places (take a look at our  Senior Assisted Housing section) before making a decision.



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