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Mexico City - House Repair and Maintenance

It is usually up to the owner of a house/apartment to take care of house repair and maintenance, however it has to be written into the contract you sign. It is advisable not to go ahead and try and find somebody to do smaller repairs if the owner is responsible for them. Maybe they have a special person under contract to do all the work and would not trust anybody else doing the work. For other repairs find out what to do below:

Large appliances (washer, dryer, dishwasher)
For your appliances, it would be best to check in the yellow pages or the internet whether the manufacturer of your appliances has a repair centre in Mexico City. Chances are, you will find it! And for large appliances, it won't be difficult to have a repair person come to your house. But always first check your guarantee. 

Small appliances
As in the previous case, try to find out whether the manufacturer has offices and/or an authorized repair center, or at least call/email them to get a recommendation as to where to take your small appliance. The probabilities of finding an authorized repair center are high, though once in a while you will find that some of the replacement parts needed might not be available, as different appliance models may not be available in all countries. If that is the case, you may need to buy a new small appliance. Try to get one this time from a brand that is easily serviceable. If the item was purchased here, always first check your guarantee. 

La Nueva Proveedora del Hogar
Blvd. Interlomas 5, Local K6A
Tel: + 52 (55) 5291 9210
They repair all small electric appliances

Plumbing, electricity, paint, etc.
Your best bet will be to hire a "plan" from an insurance company or any other serious company (like Sears stores), that will handle any repair emergency right away, and will guarantee the work. Some companies may charge an annual fee that include a variety of repairs (parts and labor), while some other charge "per event".

Sears department stores have a Home Improvement Services Department, where you can hire specific services such as:
- plumbing
- electricity
- house painting
- pest control
- carpet cleaning, etc.
you will need to go to your nearest Sears store (look into our Shopping Section/department stores)

Of course there are individuals who offer a specific repair service, but if you decide to hire a person,  just make sure he comes well recommended by someone you know. (Maybe from another expat or your home owner). These persons are usually not licensed or insured, and the outcome of the job will come exclusively from their individual expertise and good will to deliver a job well done. But there ARE honest and reliable repairmen out there.

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