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Mexico City - House Rental

Renting is a good option for you to get acquainted with Mexico City. Right now (2005) many houses are for rent, so fortunately you will be able to choose widely.

Prices are quite high. You can rent through an agency or direct from a landlord.

You will have to sign a lease (bail) for the duration of the rental period. The lease is a written contract generally a ready-to-use printed document. The contract should specify who would be responsible for major and minor repairs, and it should include any spoken agreements you reach with the landlord (paint, changes you ask for, etc.). Remember that only what is written in the contract is valid. A lease period is normally two years. An inventory is drawn up. It describes the state of the property, listing any damage. You will fill out this inventory at the beginning and end of your rental.  This document must be signed by both parties to make it valid.

If you want to terminate the agreement before the end of the lease period, three months' notice is expected. It is advisable to enter a diplomatic clause in your contract which allows you to leave the house in a shorter time period, in case you are transferred. Don't pay anything until the contract is  signed and then pay by cheque and ask for a signed and dated receipt.

Also, be sure to hire the services of an expert translater, in case you do not speak Spanish. 

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