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Mexico City - Furniture

To buy furniture you may have to look around a little bit. Prices and qualities vary a good deal.
Driving out to the town of Toluca you will find a road with furniture stores lining both sides. Take your time going there.

The same goes for the furniture shopping center in Insurgentes (which is rather large). There is a whole quarter of furniture stores there. You will really have to have time to look around.
Then you of course can go to the large chains like:

All of them offer delivery to your house and most of the time they do not charge "frete" (which is a delivery charge for the truck). If they want to add it, ask for their shop nearest your home and buy it there then, if they do not refuse.

Going on on the "Periferico" near Ciudad Satelite you will also find a big Furniture Outlet, which is worth it visiting too.

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