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Mexico City - Electricity

Luz y Fuerza del Centro is the name of the government-owned company that supplies electricity in Mexico. The voltage is 110. Although some houses carry a second entry for 220 V. Check with your land lord. If  you have brought appliances which can be used with 220 V only and you do not have a second line, you can have a transformer made. For information on costs and how long it takes, please call: Tiesa, Ing. Octavio Mendoza at: + 52 (55) 2647 1833 44.

If you occupy a new house or apartment, you will need to set up an account with Luz y Fuerza at one of their many offices. If your residence has been occupied before, you won't need to set up such an account. You will receive the bill either monthly or every two months, which you may pay at any branch of the banks listed on the bank of your electricity statement. For additional info, you may visit their website and click on the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) link.



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