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Mexico City - Car Registration

Vehicle Registration

Distrito Federal

  • Fill out the following form:
    You need not fill out the sections "Registro Federal de Contribuyentes" nor "Razon Social",
    as those sections are for companies or organizations registering a vehicle.
  • Identification form, such as FM2, FM3 and passport
  • Proof of domicile (any utility or bank statement that bears your name and address)
  • Car invoice or invoice letter
  • Most recent proof of payment of vehicle tax ("tenencia")
  • Payment. They will inform you of the actual cost if you go to your nearest License and Vehicle
    Control Office (Modulo de Licencia y Control Vehicular), or you may call them by phone

For used vehicle you will additionally need:

  •  Proof of payment of the vehicle tax ("tenencia") for the previous four years;
  • Proof of Unsubscription of the vehicle (from the vehicle registration) in another state or
    by the previous owner

In special cases:

  • Tax identificiation of a company or organization registering the vehicle ("cedula fiscal")
  • In case someone different than the vehicle owner is registering the vehicle:
    Power of attorney ("carta poder") and identification of the person registering the vehicle

If registering in Distrito Federal, you may find/call the nearest License and Vehicle Control
Office, in the following link:

For the State of Mexico (Estado de Mexico), call Tel: +52 55 5560 6955

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