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Mexico City - Bank Accounts

Opening a Bank Account  
To open an account, you need:
- Passport and FM2/FM3
- Proof of address (utility bill)
- Bank or credit reference, either from a Mexican or  foreign institution
- If the account will also be used for receiving salary or direct deposits, you will need an official letter from the company you work for, stating that the individual is an employee.

You will be asked to fill in several forms. It is better that you take them home as it might take a while to finish them. Then go back to the bank and hand in the information.
There is usually one form that serves the purpose of registering the account user(s) signature(s) on file. It is best that all the intended users of the account go to the bank together, and sign the forms in front of the clerk, as required by some banks.
Sometimes you may even find that some banks have bilingual clerks to help you with the paperwork, ask them. 

To find the bank nearest you:

Closing a bank account

Closing a bank account is fairly easy. You have to notify your bank with a letter, that you no longer need their services and ask them to cancel your account.

Make sure you have no outstanding debt and leave enough money in case you have a credit- or debit card charge still outstanding.


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