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Mexico City - Alternative Medicine

Due to climate changes, pollution and contagions at school, children get respiratory diseases quite often. Many mothers, tired of constantly administering antibiotics and antihistamines to their offspring, have turned to alternative medicine and many are satisfied with the results.

Homeopathy is a natural pharmaceutical science that uses various plants, mineral or animal substances in very small doses to stimulate the sick person's natural defenses. The medicines are individually chosen for the symptoms the person is experiencing. The medicines, thus, go with - rather than against - the person's natural defenses. The "law of similars" is the basic principle of homeopathy and it  is used in some conventional medical therapies, such as immunizations and allergy treatments.
Homeopathy is not covered by insurance plans.

  • Dr. Jaime Rangel
    Circuito Centro Comercial
    Ciudad Satelite Fernando
    Leal Novelo No. 7 suite 301
    Mexico DF
    Tel: + 52 (55) 5393 7964/+ 52 (55) 5572 3078


Acupuncture is an ancient Chinese treatment. The treatment includes the insertion of fine needles inserted at specific points into the body in a practice used by the Chinese for over two thousand years forming a painless method of treatment.
The World Health Organization has acknowledged that it is suitable for treating an extensive list of complaints, not restricted to just the following:  Gynecological complaints; nervous system; muscular disorders; gastrointestinal disorders; respiratory disorders; ear, nose and throat disorders. Insurance plans and General Practitioners in Mexico, do not officially recognize the alternative medicine practices mentioned in this section.
If you want to find an acupunturist, go to:

Traditional Chinese medicine 
Traditional Chinese Medicine comprises various therapies. However, herbal medicine is the main treatment and dates back some 2,500 years or more. It is establishing itself as a popular alternative to Western conventional medicine.

Chinese herbal medicine is practiced by recognition of a disease diagnosis and then treating this with an individual pattern diagnosis that is formed by your individual symptoms, signs and your emotional temperament, and the overall composition of your body.

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