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Mexico City - Alteration and Tailors

Many clothing stores and boutiques -and most department stores- offer complimentary simple alterations for the clothes you are buying (hems, arm length, waist slimming, etc.). Be sure to ask, though, what the return policy is for altered garments as most shops won't take altered items back as returns.

If you need to alter or repair clothes that you have in your closet, you may take them to your nearest dry cleaners and ask whether they offer such service. Another option would be to look for a tailor shop (sastreria). Those are generally small businesses run by a couple of people (usually men), and their prices are reasonable. Ask friends/neighbors for recommendations. You could also try to look for a dressmaker (modista). Modistas are ladies - you might find "modistos" too- with a lot of experience in making all kinds of dress garments, specially night gowns or wedding gowns. They normally work from home, and will receive you by appointment only.
By the way, if you find a good, recommended "modista", you might want to experience the glamourous yet affordable feeling of having a dress specially made for you! You provide the materials, the modista will provide her expertise... but going back to the subject of alterations, some -not all- modistas will accept to perform alterations on clothes you bought somewhere else, though it will likely cost more than going to the dry cleaners' or the tailor shop.

  • La Costura Perfecta
    Av. La Herradura 5
    Colonia Lomas de la Herradura
    Edo Mexico
    Tel: + 52 (55) 5291 9452
    They have professional tailors at work and really do a good job, although you may have to wait a week to get your cloths back.
  • Arreglalo
    Centro Comercial Walmart (inside)
    Mexico DF
    Tel: + 52 (55) 5290 6878
    email: [email protected]
    They do simple repairs within 1 hour

For a list of dry cleaners, refer to the Cleaners and Laundries section.

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