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Mexico - Importing Your Goods

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To establish temporary or permanent residence in Mexico, you are allowed to bring your goods without paying duties. The allowed used items include:

Furniture and house goods, to be used exclusively and normally by the family.

Clothing, books, bookshelves, art or scientific works which do not comprise complete collections for the purpose of setting up art shows/expositions or art galleries.

Professional scientific instruments, craft and work tools, indispensable for the development of the applicant's profession, art or craftsmanship. Such tools and instruments may not comprise complete equipments for the installation of laboratories, workshops of medical -or other- practices.

Items needed for the development of print, radio or TV journalism professional activities.

Before moving, you must go to your nearest Mexican Consulate and obtain a certified declaration of household goods, which must include:
- full name
- address abroad (outside Mexico)
- address or place of residence in Mexico
- description and quantities of household goods
- for Mexican citizens, a proof of having resided abroad for longer than two years

You will need to hire a customs agent and have him write the import request (pedimento).
If you are requesting a temporary import of household goods, you will need to write a letter saying that you or the company hiring you, will be responsible of returning the goods to their country of origin when you leave Mexico.
All the documents that need to be sent to your customs agent should be sent via courier rather than postal service.

Absolutely not allowed are the following items:
- Hand guns
- Ammunition N
- Explosives and flammables
- Batteries
- Pornography
- Illigal drugs
- Shot guns, hunting rifles
- Prescription drugs
- Liquor, Spices
- Food (Including Canned)

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