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Mexico - Health Insurance

Generally speaking, all health insurance in Mexico works by reimbursement in the case of doctor's visits. That is, you pay the doctor's bills and then file a claim form to have your medical expenses reimbursed. In the case of hospitalization, policies vary from provider to provider. Some will reimburse you after the services have been paid by you and some others will pay directly to the hospital.

There is a national health system which covers over 90% of the population via different insitutions.
Foreigners residing in Mexico (FM2 or FM3 visa) may affiliate with the IMSS (Mexican Institute of Social Security) nationwide health insurance program that offers services including visit to the doctors clinic, hospital expenses (covering minor injuries and illness) and intensive care facilities. This coverage costs US$225 per year, and if you have been employed by a company in Mexico, your employer may enroll you. It takes 6-9 months for the coverage to take effect.

Please note that at the clinic patients are taken in turn as you arrive,  so you might meet a different physician at each visit to your designated clinic, and he/she may not necessarily be the same one to follow through your treatment, in case you need to attend the clinic more than once.

In the private sector, rest assured that in Mexico City you will find world class hospitals. There are excellent physicians with ample skills, experience, and education.

In Mexico, the private health system is very good and highly recommended.
Paguro recommends that you get private health insurance, which will gain you access to the best hospitals. There is a wide variety of programs, but the best insurance plans cover expenses up to one million dollars per year. These plans may also have coverage at the best hospitals all over the world, in dozens of countries. There is a range of different deductibles according to your needs. Free coverage for all children under the age of ten, which includes coverage of 100% of hospital and medical expenses in the country of residence (after deductible), and medical care covering birth defects, premature births and other complications. Also covered are medical check-ups, emergency help lines, repatriation of mortal remains, etc.

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