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Mexico - Driving tips

Mexico is the largest city in the world, so traffic is rather heavy, specially during the peak hours. Driving rules and speed limits are not strictly enforced. It is best to drive defensively, specially in the presence of public transport buses, which are somewhat aggressive when it comes to switching lanes. The city has grown in an unplanned way and streets do not usually follow a logic, so it is rather easy to get lost or get back to a start point. Many streets do not display their name visibly.

Something that worked for me: when I get lost (yes, it still happens to me), I usually hire a taxi to guide me. Having a map is a must, and the "Guia-Roji" is one of the most reliable and updated street-by-street maps.

The use of car seats for children and infants is not mandatory yet. It is strongly recommended, nonetheless, that you enforce safety in your own vehicle. Wear your seatbelts, make your older children wear them, too. Put infants and toddlers in their car seats, which are readily available in department and specialty stores.

Never, never leave a child alone in a car, even for half a minute. Always keep your doors locked, and if possible, have a polycarbonate film attached to your car windows. They are great protection in the event a thief tries to break them and steal your purse. By the way, never place your purse in a visible place inside the car. Always carry a cell phone with you.

Cell phone companies in Mexico City offer a wide range of services, similar to those of a driver’s club, with the added feature of an emergency service which you can call in case you get lost or feel unsafe.

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