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Mexico - Custom Regulations

Customs declaration forms are distributed on planes before arriving at Mexico City. They are available in English, Spanish and French. Be sure to fill out the form completely on the plane, to avoid delays at the airport.
It is important to declare whether you carry with you the equivalent of $10,000 USD or more, either in cash or in any combination of money instruments.

Paguro strongly recommends that instead of taking all that cash or instruments with you, which is very unsafe, you arrange to have the money wired into a Mexican bank account that you have opened beforehand.
It is better not to carry any food items with you except canned food items. This may cause a delay while you explain the origin of every item.

When you arrive in Mexico and deplane, you will go to the immigration authorities, where you will be granted access into the country.
You will then go to the conveyor belts where your luggage will be delivered, and THEN you will need to clear customs.
Have your customs declaration in your hand (one for the whole family). You will give it to the customs official and then he/she will ask you to push a button beneath a sort of traffic light. If you get a green light, you may proceed to leave the airport, but if you get a red light, all of the family members' luggage will be subject to inspection.

You won't be required to pay any duties or taxes for your personal belongings (new or used), which include per person:

  • clothing, shoes and personal hygiene items, in reasonable quantities according to length of stay
  • suitcases, bags or boxes needed to transport such personal items
  • one photo camera and one video camera with accessories and up to 12 rolls of new film or videotapes, printed or filmed photographic material, one set of binoculars, one cell phone, one beeper, one typewriter machine, one new or old portable computer (notebook, laptop, omnibook or the like)
  • one tent with camping equipment; four fishing rods with accessories
  • two used sets of sports equipment which can be transported normally by one person; one glider with or without sails.
  • one radio, music player or recorder, or a combination; five laser discs, five DVDs, 20 CDs or tapes
  • passengers above the age of 18 may also carry with them up to 20 packs of cigarrettes, 25 cigars or 200 grams of tobacco; up to three liters of wine, beer or liquor
  • other merchandise with a value of up to $300 USD may be introduced without paying duties or taxes; invoices or receipts may be requested as proof of the value of the merchandise

If a person needs to bring in merchandise whose value amounts to between $300 and $1000 USD, a special form will be handed out and signed. The person will then have to pay a tax of 17% of the declared value of the merchandise.

For merchandise that costs above $1000, you will be asked to hire the services of a customs agent and follow a special procedure which will be explained by the agent.
Diplomats and their families are not subject to customs inspection.

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