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Mexico - Crime

Insecurity and delinquency have increased in Mexico. In general, pickpockets and house burglars are not that common, but car theft is. Also, kidnappings do occur.

Always insure your car, bought or rented. Never park in dark, lonely or faraway streets. Try to use a public parking lot whenever you can, rather than parking on the street. Highly visual tools for preventing car theft, such as those steering wheel bars are still one of the most effective ways to deter burglars.

There are 'express' kidnappings in which kidnappers will take any valuables from you and/or will take you to one or more ATMs to withdraw as much money as possible. Ransom kidnappings usually take place among well-known or wealthy families. Attend places that are known to be safe. Do not wear fine jewelry or dress in a flashy manner. Be alert at any one following you.

Kidnappings and holdups in taxis have also increased, thus it is best to get  taxis at hotels or restaurants. To be on the safe side, if a taxi driver turns aggressive on you, do not argue or fight with him.

Mexican men are usually respectful and polite towards women. However, if a man looks at you insistently and this bothers you, look away and walk away from him immediately. Refrain from going to nightclubs, bars or canteens where there are few other women or none.

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