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Mexico - Civil Unrest

There haven't been any episodes of civil unrest due to lack of political stability.

Some vandalism happens after major soccer events around Reforma Avenue or when a demonstration becomes somewhat aggressive, which is very rare.

Public demonstrations are usually 'programmed' and you can find about them in the newspaper and radio, to avoid the conflictive area and the traffic jams.

In the case of soccer 'celebrations', they usually take place on Avenida de la Reforma, around the monument commonly known as "El Angel" (the Angel of Independence). These events usually turn ugly because of the large amounts of alcohol ingested by the soccer fans, who end up vandalizing the nearby cars. It is preferable to stay home to celebrate your favorite team's victory, although there are nice restaurants and bars which broadcast the soccer games, and this is another safe option rather than throwing yourself to the mob at Avenida de la Reforma.

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