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Mexico - Car Insurance

In Mexico, it is not required by law to carry automobile insurance, but it is highly recommended that you ALWAYS have your cars insured. For one, it will save you money, time and stress to count on an insurance agent in case you or a family member are involved in an accident. The agent will walk your through the process of filling paperwork and having your car repaired, and in many cases, they can even help you have your damages paid when someone else caused the accident.

Coverage varies widely, and Paguro recommends that you at least get covered for theft, damage, and liability. The Bail and Legal Counseling insurance is also a good idea, because it grants you conditional liberty (or that of a family member) and the recovery of your vehicle in circumstances where legal charges may be pressed by a third party.
Seek to be covered by a renowned insurance company, to get the best possible service.

Insider tip
If you ever get involved in an accident and your car needs to be sent to the bodyshop for repair, the insurance company will guarantee the repair job from their "trusted bodyshops", but if you prefer original parts, insist to have the job done at a manufacturer's dealership.

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