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Kuwait - Vaccination requirements

Whilst there are no vaccination requirements for entry into Kuwait it is possible that you may be asked for proof of Cholera and/or Yellow Fever vaccinations if arriving from an infected area.
Schools have to follow Ministry requirements as detailed below, so if you are bringing school aged children they will be required to show the vaccination record (particularly with BCG which is less common elsewhere), so ensure that you have children innoculated before arrival or you have to then use the local clinic at a time when there are other pressures associated with settling in.

Vaccination programmes in Kuwait
Rabies is present in Kuwait. Therefore those at high risk should consider vaccination prior to arrival. Vaccinations, as detailed below, are given at public clinics throughout Kuwait. Immunisation for children is extremely efficient.

1st day of birth  
1st dose Hepatitis B
1st dose OPV

2nd Month  
2nd dose Hepatitis B
2nd dose OPV
1st dose DPT
1st dose Hib

4th Month  
3rd dose OPV
2nd dose DPT
2nd dose Hib

6th Month  
4th dose OPV
3rd dose DPT
3rd dose Hib
3rd dose Hepatitis B

1 year   

1 ½ years  
Booster dose OPV
Booster dose DPT
Booster dose Hib

2 years              
Meningococcal Meningitis

2 ½ years          
Booster dose OPV

3 ½ years          
Booster dose OPV

4 ½ years          
Booster dose OPV

School entry      
Booster dose MMR

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