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Kuwait - Taxi

The taxi system in Kuwait

Taxi companies in Kuwait are not regulated. Not all taxis have seat belts so it is worth ensuring that, when booking your taxi, the controller is aware that you will not travel in a vehicle without a seat belt.

The orange taxis that you will see throughout Kuwait will be used in a way similar to a bus service; they will drive along a specific route picking up and dropping off passengers along the way. They are scruffy but cheap, if you don’t mind doing an impression of a sardine.  They abide by few road or safety rules, can and will pick up people to share with on the side of the road and speak little or no English. They will pick upto six passengers if they can fit them in! If you are hiring an orange cab from outside the city, you are able to hire them straight to your destination, although this does not always happen!

Confirm the price before you get in the taxi. Fares start at KD1 with the maximum one-way fare being KD8.

The airport operates its own taxi service for which you will pay a premium, with additional charges for catching a taxi at night.

The only other firm permitted to offer a service from the airport is City Limo.

Call cabs (use a telephone to summon one) are generally safe, should be equipped with safety belts and adhere to a billing system which begins at KD1,5.

Hotels will use these (the concierge will call one for you). After you arrive in Kuwait, you may find that you have a period whereby you are not permitted to drive until your residency comes through, so most people have to at some time use taxis.  

Al Osta
Tel: + 965 241 0538

Al Tahreer
Tel: + 965 575 5035

Tel: + 965 241 3414

Meshwar Taxi
Tel: + 965 575 5888

Salwa Taxi
Tel: + 965 565 8219

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