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Kuwait - Alteration and tailors

There are tailors and upholsterers located on almost every street in Kuwait who will re-cover your favourite lounge suite or make you an outfit for a fraction of the price that it would cost in a store. Tailors are also found in the main fabric souqs.

Tailors can make excellent copies of outfits. Should you have a design that you would like made take along a photograph or drawing as a minimum don’t leave it up to the tailor to guess what it is that you are after. The majority of tailors come from India and Pakistan and have many additional skills including beadwork and embroidery. Prices are very reasonable.

Prince Tailors
Souq Al Safat, Kuwait City
Tel: + 965 243 2424

Zaharat Al-Sharq
Souq Al-Safat, Kuwait City
Tel: + 965 240 6683

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