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Kuwait - Special education

Special Education Schools
There are a number of education centres in Kuwait, each of which provides specialised education and training.

  • Kuwait society for the Handicapped
    Hawalli, Cairo Street, Behind the Al-Andalous Cinema
    P.O. Box 6832
    Hawalli 32043
  • Autism
    The first specialised centre for autism in the Middle East, the Kuwait Autism Centre has an excellent reputation and runs various educational programmes for children with autism, in addition to running swimming classes and summer camp activities. The centre also offers family consultations, assessments and diagnosis.
  • Blind
    Kuwait Blind Association
    P.O. Box 43244
    Hawalli 32047
    Tel: + 965 - 565 4105
    Fax: + 965 - 562 4700
    Kuwait Blind Association promotes co-operation amongst its member, both locally and internationally. Audio aids and books in Braille are available and various activities are organised. The association feels very strongly about integrating its members into the community. A number of arts and crafts are catered for.
  • Deaf
    Kuwait Club for the Deaf
    P.O. Box 33141
    Tel: + 965 256 3204
    Fax: + 965 254 2256
    The Kuwait Club for the Deaf was founded in 1975 in Kuwait to serve the Kuwaiti society. The club provides a variety of services to the deaf community and has affiliations with a number of international bodies.
  • Dyslexia
    Kuwait Dyslexia Association
    P.O. Box 24409
    Tel: + 965 487 7394 ext.116
    Fax: + 965  486 4574
    Email: [email protected]
  • Rehabilitation & Education Services
    Conductive Education Kuwait is a joint venture between Kuwait Establishment for Educational Services and Conductive Education Support Services. The facility was established to provide rehabilitation/education services to enable individuals (children and adults) who have significant disabilities to function more independently at home, in an educational environment, at work and in community environments, thereby reducing dependency in essential everyday activities and making constructive steps towards integration into society.
  • Farwaniya
    Block 1, Jordan Street (Behind Tadamun Sport Club)
    P.O. Box 27215
    Safat 13133
    Tel: + 965  473 4370
    Fax: + 965 240 7048
  • Education
    The Special Needs Department of Dasman Model School has extensive educational facilities for students with a wide range of support requirements and is fully licensed by the State of Kuwait for Special Educational Needs.
  • Dasman Model School
    PO Box 426 
    Dasman 15455
    Tel: + 965 243 0607
    Fax: + 965 243 0339
    email: [email protected]
    The Khalifa School for Children with Special Needs believes that every person has the fundamental right to an appropriate education; enabling him/her to reach his/her fullest potential. The Khalifa School provides consultation and assessments by a team of Development Specialists, Nurses, Psychologists, Speech Therapists, Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists, Vocational Trainers and Special Education Teachers. Qualified and experienced teachers of children with special needs are employed to develop the curriculum and oversee all teaching. The Khalifa School has classes for a wide range of disabilities including, but not limited to, Autism, Cerebral Palsy and Developmental Delay, which includes Downs Syndrome, and various learning disabilities.
  • Khalifa School
    Dasmah, Area 2
    Balquees Street
    Tel: + 965 256 1839
    Fax: + 965 256 1735
  • The Ideal Education School
    P.O. Box 27557
    Safat 13136
    Tel: + 965 533 5077
    Fax: + 965 533 5066
    The Ideal Education School is a facility for special needs education and corrective treatment and provides treatment programmes for children with Autism, Downs Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy or related mental and physical developmental disorders. The Ideal Education School is a unique facility which gives children the opportunity to achieve maximum independence and productivity within the community. Day classes and individualised programmes in the areas of daily life skills, communication, learning readiness and community awareness including social, emotional, and cognitive development are run in a professional environment. Family counseling is an important aspect of the school’s work in addition to speech and language services, physiotherapy services and early intervention programmes. The school arranges a variety of sports and leisure activities.
  • The Awqaf Fund for the Disabled and ISN
    (AFDISN) has been established to offer services to these categories of people who are in need of continuous help to enable them lead a better life.
  • The Awqaf Fund for the Disabled & Individuals with Special Needs
    Sharq, Dasman Complex
    P.O. Box 482
    Safat, 13005
    Tel: + 965 244 1734
    Fax: + 965  241 1964
    The Fawzia Sultan Learning Institute is a non profit organisation dedicated to serving the special needs of children with learning disabilities, and their families. It provides a wide range of services which are guided by a "whole child" approach to evaluation and treatment and the conviction that effective instruction in the school and home can result in significant gains for children with special needs. The Institute delivers its services through a private international school, a part time therapeutic pre-academic programme and a comprehensive clinical services department. In all of its services, the Institute provides for parent participation, parent education and ongoing consultation.
  • Fawzia Sultan Learning Institute
    P.O. Box 719
    Safat 13008
    Tel: + 965  534 1403
    Fax: + 965 534 1405
    email: [email protected]
  • Al Nour School for the Blind
    The school supports both male and female (separate facilities) visually handicapped children by providing them with a regular syllabus using the Braille method.
    Tel: + 965 265 4492
    Fax: + 965 261 8321
  • Al Amal School for the Deaf
    The school supports both male and female (separate facilities) hearing impaired children with an IQ of not less than 75. The syllabus is adapted from the national curriculum and suits the children’s linguistic requirements. General education is accompanied by carpentry, printing and computer training. The school has access to technical facilities including audio labs.
    Tel: + 965 265 4492
    Fax: + 965 261 8321
  • Al Raja School
    The school supports both male and female (separate facilities) motor handicapped children not suffering from any other disabilities. The syllabus is adapted from the national curriculum and, in addition, the children are provided with medical, social and psychological care. The school has departments for physiotherapy and prosthetics.
    Tel: + 965 265 4492
    Fax: + 965 261 8321
  • The Centre for Child Evaluation and Teaching
    P.O. Box 5453
    Safat 13055
    Tel: + 965 484 5221
    Fax: + 965 484 7221
    Opposite Ramada Hotel, Arabian Gulf Street
    The Center for Child Evaluation and Teaching is a non-profit organisation that was established in 1984. It provides specialized diagnostic and remedial services in both English and Arabic in the field of learning disabilities. Presently services are provided for children between the ages of 8 - 14; although children of other ages are often helped as well. These children have average to above-average intelligence, but they face major difficulties in one or more of the following areas: reading, spelling, mathematics, oral and written expression. A severe discrepancy exists between the students’ apparent potential for learning and the student's low level of achievement. It is important to note that these difficulties are not due to mental retardation or difficulties in vision, hearing or any other sensory or physical handicaps.
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