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Kuwait city - Shipment insurance

Insurance is especially important when you move. The type of insurance that springs to mind first is shipment insurance, which very often can be provided by your moving company, but do not assume it is automatically included in the quotation you are given. Ask the shipping company to provide you with options on the cover available.

If you wish to have more than one estimate to compare, contact one of the following local companies to obtain a quotation for shipping your goods out of Kuwait. Make sure that you are very clear on the demurrage charges (*).

Inchcape Shipping Services
Contact: Tony Fernandes
Tel: + 965 243 4752 ext. 203
Fax: + 965 240 3963
email: [email protected]

Alghanim Freight
Contact: Mr Karu
Tel: +  965 474 5533
Fax: + 965 473 6083
email: [email protected]

Gulf Agency
Contact: Aldo Desouza
Tel: + 965 483 6465 ext. 37
Fax: + 965 483 6375
email: [email protected]


(*) Demurrage charges: In seafreight, the word demurrage is used in two manners. One relates to charges that arise as a consequence of a delay to a chartered ship, the other relates to charges that arise as a consequence to a delay in returning equipment – normally containers or trailers.

When a vessel is chartered, the agreement – the charter party (refer definition 84) – will allow a period for loading and discharge. This period is often in ‘working days’ to exclude Saturdays, Sundays and holidays although sometimes it is just straight calendar days. If the vessel is not loaded or discharged by the end of this period, a demurrage charge is raised per calendar day thereafter (note that it is per calendar day i.e. Saturdays, Sundays and holidays are now charged for). Sometimes, the charter agreement will specify a maximum demurrage period and a heavier penalty applies if this period is also exceeded. A vessel incurring demurrage charges is said to be ‘on demurrage’.

From "Freight Definition & Calculations"

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