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Kuwait - Services for the disabled

Kuwait Disabled Sports Club
Hawalli, Ibn Khaldoun Street
P.O. Box 44866
Hawalli 32062
Tel: + 965 262 0010
Fax: + 965 262 0005

The Kuwait Medical Genetics Centre carries out diagnosis of rare monogenic diseases, investigates cases of congenital malformations and provides counseling for families with genetic disorders including primary infertility, recurrent pregnancy loss, congenital malformations, structural/numerical chromosomal abnormalities, genetic forms of mental retardation and visual disorders. The centre is actively exploring means of reducing neonatal mortality and physical disabilities and provides training programmes for doctors and technical staff in the area of genetic counseling. The Centre has strong ties with recognised worldwide genetics centres and universities, particularly in the UK where many of the clinical and laboratory staff have received their postgraduate qualifications and training. Scheduled visits to the KMGC are also arranged for foreign clinicians and scientists with recognised international expertise.

The Kuwait Medical Genetics Centre
Tel: + 965 481 4328
Fax: + 965 484 2073
Please see ‘Special needs children’