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Kuwait - Safety rules

Road safety 

Kuwait is generally a very safe country; however, as with all countries, a degree of sensibility is required. Violent crime is rare although it does occur.
Kuwait has the worst record in the world for traffic accidents as driving laws are generally not enforced. For a population of over 2,5 million there were in excess of 27,000 traffic accidents in 2002. It is vital for your safety that you are very aware of your surroundings when driving.

Children safety

Children are cherished and every resident expatriate will tell you that Kuwait is one of the few places in the world where children can be themselves and do not require round the clock protection.

To keep children safe, it's a good idea to prepare them in advance.
Teach children their name, address, telephone number and parents' names
Tell them that if it doesn't feel right, it's OK to say NO
Tell them not to get into the car or walk with a stranger. If your child has to be picked up by someone else, make sure you have agreed on a secret code, so they can identify the person correctly.
Tell them not to let a stranger take a picture of them.
Tell them not to approach a car if somebody is asking for directions or claims of having lost a pet.
Do not have your child wear clothing or anything else where the name is visible.
As parents, we should listen to our children carefully and watch for any warning signs they may be giving us indirectly. Make sure you know your children's friends, teachers etc

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