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Kuwait - Places of worship

Kuwait is tolerant of many other denominations, a number of which are allowed to practice freely. Kuwait is the only country in the Gulf with strong ties to the Vatican.

Churches are located throughout the country to serve the Catholic, Protestant, Greek Orthodox, Maronite (Lebanese) and Ecumenical communities.

Other denominations, including Seventh-Day Adventist, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, Marthoma, and the Indian Orthodox Syrian Church, are allowed to operate in private homes or in the facilities of recognised churches, although they are not legally recognised in Kuwait.

Religions not sanctioned in the Koran, including Hinduism and Buddhism may not build places of worship, although they are permitted to worship privately.

Church of Our Lady of Arabia
Tel: + 965 398 2465

Holy Family Cathedral
Tel: + 965 243 4637

Chapel at the Indian School
Salmiya (all Roman Catholic)
Tel: + 965 573 3633

St Paul’s Anglican Church
Tel: + 965 398 3203

Chapel at Camp Doha Military Base
Tel: + 965 468 8089

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