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Kuwait City - National Curriculum

The language of instruction in the state schools is Arabic. Education in Kuwait is divided in four different levels:

- kindergarten, with a duration of two academic years
- primary, with a duration of four academic years
- Intermediate, with a duration of four academic years and
- secondary, with a duration of four academic years

Primary education is a fundamental right and is free and compulsory for all Kuwaitis.

Private education is available in Kuwait and was originally established to accommodate foreigners working in the country accompanied by their families. Are considered private institutions: Arabic private schools, foreign private schools (British, American, Indian etc), and cultural institutes (specialising in training, vocational and career studies).

The Arabic private schools are suppported by the government and follow the State of Kuwait academic requirement.

Foreign schools are run according to the academic curriculum of the country they emulate (British, Indian, American etc.), but under the supervision of the Ministry of Education. It is mandatory for these schools to provide courses in Arabic language, Islamic religion, and history, geography and culture.