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Kuwait - Importing your goods

The following documentation is required by the clearance agent to clear personal effects into Kuwait.

  • Original passport with Kuwaiti Residence Permit (No photocopies are permissible);
  • Civil ID;
  • Original shipping documentation;
  • A 'letter of authorisation' allowing the clearance agent to process all import documentation ;
  • Delivery address and instructions in Kuwait.

When processing the paperwork for the importation of personal effects you will more than likely be required to present yourself to the customs department with your passport and Civil ID. All consignments of personal effects are subject to a 100% open inspection at the port/airport. Various items are likely to be detained for censorship at the port of entry into Kuwait. These items include computers, literature and recorded material such as cassettes; CD’s; DVD’s; records and videos. The clearance agent will have the goods returned to the consignee once they have been released by the Ministry of Information.

The entire customs clearance process can take anything up to 7 days, excluding week ends (meaning Thursdays and Fridays), National and Public Holidays.

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