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Kuwait - House insurance

As all accommodation in Kuwait is rented, the landlord will be liable for all major damage to the property. Make sure that ‘damage’ is defined in your rental agreement to ensure that you are not responsible for leaking pipes etc.

Contents Insurance

It is worthwhile insuring your household contents however safe Kuwait is. There are a number of insurance firms who will cover your household contents and, for an additional fee, cover items outside the home including cameras and laptops etc. Some firms do request proof of purchase for items with a high value. Should you not be able to provide receipts a single article limit will be set. You will be required to provide a comprehensive list of all items including the value.

Premiums are paid annually in advance. As with any insurance policy make sure that you read the fine print!

Bahrain Kuwait Insurance Company
Tel: + 965 88 55 11

Gulf Insurance Company
Tel: + 965 242 2285

Kuwait Insurance Company
Tel: + 965 242 0135

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