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Kuwait - Getting a driving licence

Driving in Kuwait is only permitted for holders of a GCC licence (GCC nationals only; not expatriates) or an international licence. Expatriates with international licences may only drive for the duration of their visit visa and are not permitted to drive on an international licence when they have received their residence permit.
This is a standard procedure, whereby for a couple of weeks, everyone who arrives in Kuwait is unable to drive.
Expatriates from certain countries may obtain a Kuwait driving licence on the strength of their national licence. All other nationalities will have to apply for a learner’s licence and take a driving test.

To obtain your driving licence you must present the following documentation, in person, at the governorate (municipality) in which you are resident:

  • Passport and copies of the pages containing personal information including photograph;
  • Original driving licence from your home country together with a copy of the licence certified by your embassy in Kuwait;
  • Letter from your sponsor confirming your address and whether you are an employee or a dependant;
  • Proof of your residential address i.e. rent agreement;
  • Blood type certificate (use the paperwork from your residence medical tests);
  • Eye test certificate (for spectacle wearers and drivers over the age of 50). To obtain the eye test certificate you need to collect the relevant form from the traffic department and have the test carried out at the Ministry of Health clinic in Qortuba;
  • 4 colour photographs (20mm x 30mm);
  • Money (KD15).
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