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Kuwait - Emergencies

Emergency services are available at all public hospitals as indicated below. Historically Kuwait has had an extremely poor reputation when it comes to emergency ambulance services; paramedics called to the scene of an accident are invariably not properly trained and arrive in ill-equipped vehicles.
In essence, ambulances are not much more than taxis with stretchers. Ambulances have been known to stop for refueling when carrying passengers to hospital. 

All in all this is one of the biggest worries expatriates in Kuwait face; however, this will hopefully change with the introduction of the KRCS (Kuwaiti Red Crescent Society), in collaboration with four local companies, of ambulance and rescue centres (including helicopter rescue) on major highways throughout Kuwait.

Until these centres are established and prove to be proficient it is recommended that those requiring emergency treatment make their own way to hospital, if at all possible. 

Public Hospitals
There are five major (general) public hospitals located throughout Kuwait, each of which provides a full outpatients service as well as a 24-hour emergency service.

Adan Hospital
Riqqa (off Ahmadi Expressway – Road 40)                                  
Tel: + 965 394 0600

Amiri Hospital
Sharq (on Gulf Road between Seif Palace & the Kuwait Water Towers) 
Tel: + 965 245 0005

Farwaniya Hospital
Farwaniya (off the 6th Ring Road between the Airport & Jahra) 
Tel: + 965 488 3000

Jahra Hospital
Jahra (South East of the Police Station)    
Tel:  + 965 457 5300

Mubarak Al Kabir Hospital
Jabriya (off the 4th Ring Road)                          
Tel: + 965 531 2700

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