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Kuwait - Child care and baby-sitting

Most expatriate families have full-time or part-time maids living in or out. There are a number of agencies in Kuwait who provide staff for domestic work; however, bear in mind that these agencies do not operate using international standards. Potential staff are recruited in countries such as Indonesia, Malaysia, India, Bangladesh, Philipines and Sri Lanka and are brought over to Kuwait only when an employer has confirmed employment and signed a contract.

There is no opportunity to interview staff prior to work commencing. Depending on your expectations and requirements it is preferable to find a maid through the recommendation of friends. Although in theory one is not permitted to employ domestic staff without arranging a work permit there are a number of people who share maids with one person being responsible for their immigration requirements. In these situations you will have no recourse if something goes wrong, as you are theoretically not the employer of the maid. There are also consequences for being caught employing staff without the required paperwork.

In practise in Kuwait, maids are generally reliable and allow you and your family a greater quality of life at a reasonable cost.


There is no general pool of babysitters offering their services. Most expatriate families have full-time or part-time maids who cover babysitting requirements. Should you not have a maid your best course of action is to find a friend who does.

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