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Kuwait - Buying/selling a car

Buying a car

In order to purchase and drive a vehicle in your own name you will be required to produce a Civil ID and be in possession of a local driving licence.

Cars are affordable and are available as new and second-hand models. The most popular brands seem to be Toyota, Nissan and Mitsubishi although practically every make of car is available.

The Kuwaiti population loves to drive!

The preferred way of purchasing a second hand vehicle is from a friend. Another option is to check the notice board of your local supermarket and the classified section of the newspaper, where you will often find private vehicles for sale.  Almost all car dealerships sell second-hand vehicles. For an additional fee they will provide a short maintenance guarantee, registration and insurance, and are also able to arrange finance.

If you have any doubt as to whether the vehicle you intend to purchase has been involved in an accident, go to your nearest traffic department and try to have the records checked.

It is also recommended to have the car checked by a professional garage.

Selling a car

There are a number of ways in which to sell your motor vehicle:

  • if you have bought it new from a local dealer they may be willing to take it back to sell through their second-hand dealership
  • you can advertise on supermarket notice boards
  • you can try to sell the vehicle by word of mouth
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