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Kuwait - Car insurance

Third Party Insurance

Third party insurance is compulsory in Kuwait. This insurance provides cover for any amount that you may be liable for as owner of your vehicle in respect of:

Death or bodily injury to any person, including all passengers (except yourself, your spouse or the driver) and Property damage (except to property owned by you or the driver at the time of the accident, or property that has been entrusted to you, or is in your custody or control).

In order to re-register a car after the initial period of three years, the insurance must be paid and the receipt taken with the vehicle to the Traffic Department. Mandatory testing is then carried out and if all is well with the vehicle, the insurance receipt is stamped. The stamped insurance receipt and the old registration documents are then exchanged for new registration documents.

Comprehensive Insurance

In addition to third party insurance you may obtain comprehensive insurance which will insurance your vehicle against loss or damage by:
• Collision
• Fire, external explosion, self ignition or lightning
• Burglary or theft
• Malicious act(s) of a third party, or
• Whilst in transport by road, rail, ship etc.

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