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Kuwait - Bank system

Kuwait has an excellent banking system with a number of local banks operating in accordance with international guidelines and offering services including savings and current accounts, credit card and loan facilities.

A few of the banks offer online banking services although the standard does vary considerably.

The banking sector has only recently opened up to international banks; one licence has already been issued with another three due to be issued shortly. If you wish to gain a more in depth knowledge about the banking system in Kuwait you can refer to
Central bank of Kuwait
Tel: + 965 244 9200
website (in Arabic and English):

To withdraw funds from an ATM of a bank other than your own will cost approximately 200fils.

Minimum deposits are required to open accounts and these range from KD50 to KD500 depending on the account type and the bank.

Debit cards which operate on the KNET system are offered by all major banks.

Most banks are open Saturday to Wednesday (a few branches open on Thursdays).

Hours are generally from 8:00am to 1:00pm and evening openings are usually from 5:00pm – 7:00pm.

Here is a list of Banks present in Kuwait.

Al Ahli Bank of Kuwait (ABK)
Tel: + 965 240 0900

Bank of Bahrain & Kuwait (BBK)
Tel: + 965 241 7140

Bank of Kuwait & The Middle East (BKME)
Tel: + 965 80 2000

Burgan Bank
Tel: + 965 243 9000

Commercial Bank of Kuwait
Tel: + 965 241 1001

Gulf Bank
Tel: + 965 805 805

National Bank of Kuwait (NBK)
Tel: + 965 801 801


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