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Moving to Italy? | Fundamentals of Living in Italy

All you need to know about moving to Italy. Read about international schools in Italy, housing, rentals, taxation, and just living in Italy

All You Need to Know About Living and Moving to Italy

Flag - ItalyBenvenuto nel Bel Paese

Italy remains one of the favourite destinations for expatriates of any kind, from the young adventurous to the retiree and everything in between.

La dolce vita is not simply a movie myth, is real and tangible and everyone has got the right to it and this will include the post office clerk who ignores you because he is having a nice chat with a collegue or the shop assistant who seems to be having a stronger commitment towards the friend on the other side of the mobile phone that carrying out her job...

Well, despite it all you cannot help to be taken in by the laid back attitude, but there will be moments where you would rather live in a more efficient country than Italy.

Expat tend to enjoy living in Italy

Paperwork over time has dimished, but you will still be confronted by the ever-necessary government stamps (marche da bollo) needed to be applied to any document you need to produce (another source of income for the indebted government).

The country with its numerous micro-climates and scenary will win you over. 

Welcome to Italy.
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Scuole italiane nel mondo
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Scuole italiane nel mondo
Le scuole italiane nel mondo elencate per paese
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Studiare in Italia
Vuoi ritornare o andare nel Belpaese per continuare i tuoi studi dopo la scuola superiore? Qui trovi tutto quello che c'e' da sapere per non avere brutte sorprese quando si e' in possesso di titoli di studio stranieri
Scuole italiane nel mondo
A list criterion

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