Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a Special Administrative Region of the People's Republic of China (China SAR) since 1997.
China SAR

Expatriates have been coming to Hong Kong since the 15th century, to trade products like tea and silk.  Europeans appreciated Hong Kong's safe harbor and its convenient location on the trade routes of the Far East, thus establishing a trade enterprise between Western businessmen and China that has never stopped.

Modern Hong Kong has not lost its appeal for foreigners,  and it has a contagious bustling energy.

People rush through the airport, cell phones jangle, even the escalators cruise along! While wandering through the streets of Hong Kong, you can come across designer clothes, fruit markets, meat markets, stalls that sell food items you can't recognize, antique furniture, Persian rugs, vases, Chinese cheong soms, tea sets, and you'll hear the rattle of mahjong being played behind closed doors.

Neon signs light up the narrow back streets at night and create a visual cornucopia of color. This is a vibrant place to be with so many museums, art galleries, dance performances, and Junk (boat) trips through Victoria Harbor.

Hong Kong has everything you are looking for!