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Hong Kong - Vaccinations

If you are planning on travelling you can call the Matilda Traveline at: + 852 2849 1500, to find out what shots you need for your next destination.  

For the Family
You aren’t required to show vaccination documents to enter Hong Kong, but there are a number of vaccinations that are good to have if you live here and plan on travelling around Asia. Make sure you and your children are up to date with the basic immunizations such as DP, tetanus, polio, MMR, etc. 

Hepatitis A
It takes a few visits to the doctor over 6 months to get the vaccine, called Haverix, for Hep A. Hep A can be contracted from shell fish or other foods that aren’t clean. It can also come from contaminated sewage. It’s definitely worth having this vaccine!!!

Hepatitis B
This virus is prevalent in Asia, is extremely infectious, is transmitted like AIDS, and also transmitted by simply drinking after someone who has the virus or using their razor. 

Children under the age of 10 can get a BCG vaccine to help protect them from this disease.  This is not recommended for adults. 

This disease can be contracted from contaminated food or water. We recommend you get the vaccination to be on the safe side as there are many little restaurants or seafood places that are at high risk for having this disease and passing it on to you. 

A vaccination to help prevent ear infections in children  is not available in Hong Kong. If you wish to have your child innoculated with this vaccine, do so before you arrive and make sure you will be in a place that has the follow up doses as the proper time. All other children’s vaccines are available here.


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