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Hong Kong - Travel Arrangements for Pets

Transporting your pet
Once you have your Special Permit and all the necessary veterinary documents to bring your pet into Hong Kong, you will need to ship your pet. There are some important rules that need to be followed when exporting your pet. 

For group I and II countries, you must have an Airline Certification or Captain’s Affidavit. This will certify that the animal has traveled the whole journey on the aircraft without leaving the aircraft along the way and/or without any stopping/changing over in a country of lower health status; and were not in contact with any other animals. Pets must be transported by most direct route as MANIFEST CARGO, and if traveling by air they must be covered by an air waybill.  Their container must be suitable for humane transportation. Contact your airline for information on this. 

  • If your pet is arriving by air, you must NOTIFY THE ACTUAL ARRIVAL DETAILS TO AFCD IMPORT CONTROL OFFICERS AT THE AIRPORT AT LEAST 2 WORKING DAYS PRIOR TO THE ARRIVAL OF THE PET. Call + 852 2182-1001 or + 852 2182- 1002 to notify them. You should make sure that the Animal Quarantine section will be open when your pet arrives!!!
  • Talk to the cargo handling agents of the airline concerned for the clearance of your pet. Obtain from them the Airway Bill, Shipment Release Form, and Airline Certification. 
  • Present these documents to the AFCD Import Control Officers for documentations clearance and inspection. 
  •  Present the Shipment Release Form to the Supervisor of your cargo handling agent to get your pet.
  • Take your pet to the relevant AFCD Offices for a health check.
  • If everything is in order, your pet will get to go home with you!  Be sure to have your dog licensed as they must be licensed in Hong Kong. 

All this information was obtained from the Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department’s Guide to Import and Export of Pet Animals and Birds. I would recommend asking for a copy from: [email protected]


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