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Hong Kong - Travel Agencies

Finding a good travel agent is difficult and a common complaint in Hong Kong.  I read a recent, informal survey of best and worst travel agents and some of the agents who got votes as the best also got a vote as the worst! 


  • American Express Travel -1 31/F, 280 World Trade Centre Hongkong China SAR 852 2811-6888
  • Westminster Travel -1 16/F Fortune Ctr 48 Yung Ping St Hongkong China SAR 852 2810-0663
  • Major Travel -1 1/F 6-8 Pottinger Street Hongkong China SAR 852 2526-9226
  • Thomas Cook Travel -1 L22 Unit 2210-2218 , Twr 1, Millenium City 388 Kwun Tong Road Hongkong China SAR 852 2853-9888

Airline-listing It is usually cheaper to go through a travel agent than to go through an airline directly.  Also, try looking on the airline’s web page to see if there are any package deals to the place you want to go, or pick up a brochure in the airlines office as the packages can be very good.  A few airline offices can be found below.

  • Air New Zealand -1 17/F Li Po Chun Chambers 189 Des Voeux Road Hongkong China SAR 852 2524-9041
  • British Airways -1 30/F Alexandra Hse Chater Road Hongkong-Central China SAR 852 2822-9090
  • Cathay Pacific -1 10/F The Peninsula Office Tower 18 Middle Road Hongkong China SAR 852 2747-1888
  • Northwest -1 29/F Alexandra Hse 16-20 Chater Road Hongkong-Central China SAR 852 2810-4288
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