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Hong Kong - Travel by Car

Most of the roads are toll free in Hong Kong, but the tunnels will always cost you, so be ready with the appropriate fare, which ranges from HKD $5-20. Petrol (gas) stations are open late with some open 24 hours a day.  The attendants will usually pump the gas for you. Stations usually accept credit card or cash.   Visitors from abroad need a valid drivers license from their home country to drive in Hong Kong and your license must be recognized by the government (see the section on drivers license to see if your license easily converts to a HK license or if you're required to take a driving test instead.)  You should always have your license with you and another picture ID in case you get pulled over.  If you intend to live in HK longer than a year, you must get a HK drivers license.   Drive on the left in Hong Kong, as the British do.  By law, all passengers in the car must be wearing a seatbelt and it is illegal to talk on a hand held cell phone while driving.  You may talk on a cell phone that has an ear connection so you have both hands free to drive. Drunk driving (also called Drink Driving) is illegal and dangerous, so be sure to take a taxi or bus home after a night on the town.   The road users code which lists driving, pedestrian, and cycling rules can be found on-line at:

This site also shows signs, explains what the lines on the road mean, and many helpful tips, such as what to do in a car accident.    The maximum speed on all roads in 50km/h unless otherwise posted.  Be sure to slow your speed when it is raining or congested.   Roundabouts are often found in Hong Kong and they help with the flow of traffic.  A roundabout has a small island in the center, is round, and allows traffic to branch off.  The rules for a roundabout are that you must give way to traffic on your immediate right, and you should not enter a roundabout if you can see that your exit is blocked.   For more information about driving, traffic conditions, rules, etc go  to the government website at  for up to date information. 

It is mandatory to have third party insurance when driving in Hong Kong.  If you are in an accident where someone is injured, you MUST report it to the police.

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