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Hong Kong - Travel by Bus

The buses are easy to use. You need to have the correct change as the buses do not make change. Or use an Octopus Card (which can be purchased at MTR stations or 7-11’s), which acts like a debit card. You pay when you get on. As you enter the bus, flash the Octopus card and the amount is automatically deducted. If you’re not riding the whole route of the bus, you may not have to pay the full fare (this is only applicable with an Octopus card and on Citybus.) Flash the card when you get on AND when you get off and the machine will reimburse you a small amount. When you want to get off, press the button. Children under 12 are half price, and kids under 3 ride for free.

There are minibuses that will stop when you flag them down (as long as you aren’t on a double or single yellow line, and you aren’t at a regular bus stop.) They are usually cream colored with a red or green roof, hold about 16 people, and run a fixed route. The prices are usually displayed in the window. Some will take Octopus, but not all are equipped for that so you may need change. In order to get off the mini bus you must yell out, “Stop here!” or  “yau lok.” Basically if the driver hears you yelling something, even if he doesn’t understand the words, he will know you want to get off. If a minibus has a “full” sign up it won’t stop.  Also, people cannot stand in the aisles in a minibus so if there are only 2 seats and 3 people trying to get on, one won’t be allowed on. 

Children and the elderly will usually pay a reduced fare on buses and the MTR. The easiest thing is to get them a children’s Octopus card or a senior’s Octopus card as the correct fare will automatically be deducted and you won’t have to worry about what the fare is.

How to find a bus that goes where you want to go:
1. Ask around. You can ask your building manager or your neighbor.
2. Be adventurous. Jump on a bus and see where it takes you. You should be able to cross the street and take the same bus back to where you started.
3. For Citybus, you can try their website at
4. For Kowloon Motor Buses you can try

To find bus routes, try calling 2829-5445 or 2829-5443

Citybus—2873-0818  (automated)

The Kowloon Motor Bus Co.—2745-4466  (automated)

New Lantau Bus Co—2984-9848  (automated)

New World First Bus Services – 2136-8888  (automated)


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