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Hong Kong - Shipment quotations

When you are preparing to move from Hong Kong, call a couple of the well known moving companies and ask them to come over and give you a quotation for your move.  They will arrange an appointment and give you a quotation on the spot or send you one soon afterwards.  Be sure to ask about insurance while they are at your flat.  Also make sure you get door to door delivery, so you aren’t responsible for getting the items through customs. 

Ask if the company has any relocation help at your new location.  I know Crown is working on a “crown club” to help people when they move.

Then, compare the quotations that the companies have given you and go with the one that best meets your needs.  You can also haggle a bit.  If you like company A better than company B, but B gave you the lower quote, tell company A the quote and see if they will match it.  Often they will in order to get your business.

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