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Hong Kong - Tourism information

A good map of Hong Kong is vital for getting around. When you first arrive you can pick up a small map from the Hong Kong Tourist Association at the airport.  This will mainly show Central on Hong Kong Island and a small part of Kowloon.  It is likely that you will be in those areas when you first arrive.

A vital book to have is called Hong Kong Guide, Streets and Places by the Survey and Mapping Office, Buildings and Lands Department. You can buy this in most bookstores. It’s available in Bookazine Ltd. There is one in the Princes Building in Central on the 3rd floor. Tel: + 852 2522 1785. There is also a bookshop on the Central side of the Star Ferry. This book is useful because it lists places in English and Chinese. Also in the back of the book there is an index that will list street names, schools, and BUILDING NAMES. Directions are often given by telling you the name of the building, not what street something is on.  It is very helpful to be able to look up the buildings in the map book, see where they’re located, and then head out to them.You can also show the name in Chinese to a taxi driver so you’re certain to get there.

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