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Hong Kong - Real Estate Services

Crown Relocations
Tel: + 852 2872 6021
This company can help you find a flat, hire a relocation specialist to show you around, and has a newcomers' group 

Chesterton Petty
Tel: + 852 2846 9550 (Renu Budhrani)
They will include their relocation services as they help you to find a flat by pointing out the schools, grocery stores, clubs, etc in the area that you want to live.

Midland Realty Co Ltd
Tel: + 852 2525 8383

Principles Property Agency Ltd.
Tel: + 852 2882 8115
e-mail [email protected]

There are lots of property agents in Hong Kong and their offices can be found in the neighborhood you are looking to live in. 

Expat realty companies

Cushman and Wakefield
Tel: + 852 2956 7063
Specialize in commercial and residential real estate. They are an expat company that is American and UK based. They are all over South East Asia.

Compass Worldwide Limited
Tel: + 852 2869 5128
email: [email protected]

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