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Hong Kong - Pregnancy and Childbirth

There are two main hospitals that ex-pats tend to go to when it is time to give birth--the Matilda and the Adventist.

The Matilda is located on the Peak and will allow you to have your child in the utmost comfort possible. The hospital rooms look more like hotel rooms, and the food is literally catered by one of the five star hotels. Each new mother is assigned a midwife to help once the baby is born--to learn how to bathe the child, ensure breast feeding is properly occuring, etc.  It is possible to take a tour of the Matilda to check out their facilities. 
41 Mt. Kellett Road, Peak 
Tel: + 852  2849 0111

The Adventist is the other hospital of choice, and as I understand it, has the neonatal unit should anything go wrong during birth. It's less like a hotel, but the cost for having a baby is also a bit less. 
40 Stubbs Road, Happy Valley
Tel: + 852 2574 6211 

The cost for having a baby is extremely expensive (when you include all the visits to the doctor, the hospital fees, etc), and some medical insurance packages do not cover this expense, so beware. You should ask your OB/GYN if they provide a maternity care package. Try the following doctors:

  • Anderson and Partners
    Tel: + 852  2524 7036
    Prince's Bld
  • Discovery BAy Medical Centre
    Tel: + 852 2987 5633
  • Dr. Lucy Lord and Associates
    Tel: + 852 2824 0822
  • Dr. Nicholson and Associates
    Tel: + 852 2525 1251
  • Dr. Anne Spooner and Associates
    Tel: + 852 2592 9000
    Repulse Bay

Breast Feeding in Hong Kong
Breast feeding is perfectly legal in Hong Kong, but many people may treat you poorly, or stare at you, if you choose to breast feed in public. Over the past 2 years there has been a huge debate regarding breast feeding and the government has stated openly that it is legal, and completely illegal to ask someone to leave just because they are breast feeding.  Still, I have had friends asked to leave restaurants, stores, and even the public library for their "crime."  It's up to you whether you want to cause a fuss or not. If they threaten to call the police, let them since the law is on YOUR side, but you may call more undesired attention to yourself. 

La Leche League offers assistance on subjects from pregnancy to breast feeding, and is available for more information regarding the legality of breast feeding (should you have negatvie encounters with the public.) 
Tel: + 852 2548 7636

There are a number of pregnancy groups around, such as through the YWCA and the Matilda hospital, should you wish to join one to learn more about what birth will involve.    

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