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Hong Kong - Places to See

Hong Kong is a major hub for travel in Asia. There are so many exciting places to go that are close by.

Places to visit:
--For skiing, try Japan, Korea, or New Zealand
--Great beaches can be found in the Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia, and Bali
--Trekking can take you through areas of China, Nepal, Mongolia, or Thailand
--Cruises can be taken from Hong Kong, or many travel around Malaysia and Singapore
--Amazing cultural relics can be seen in Cambodia, Vietnam, and Burma
--Escape Hong Kong for incredible Portuguese food in Macau, just an hour's ferry ride away!

It is also possible to travel into China from Hong Kong via train or ferry, but not usually by car as you have to have special license plates in order to drive across the boarder. 

You can get there by an hour ferry ride from Hong Kong. It used to be owned by the Portuguese and now belongs to China, just like Hong Kong used to be owned by the British until 1997. A relaxing place to get away for the week-end and enjoy fine dining at cheap prices.

One of my favorite countries. We recommend the south in the Mekong Delta as life exists on the river in such a unique way.

A   great place to go for sun, cheap deals, and a bit of relaxation. Trips to Bangkok are frequent, but the city is a bit chaotic. Other spots in Thailand offer you a more relaxing scene. Try Chiva Som (3 hours' drive from Bangkok) for an amazing spa experience.

This country has some of the best diving in the world and is very inexpensive. The people are amazingly friendly, and you can get by with English throughout most of the country. Manila isn’t the greatest city, but if you can get away to some of the islands you can enjoy a tropical paradise. Boracay is well known for its beautiful white beach, but it’s not a main dive site.  Or fly to Cebu and dive around there or take the ferry from Cebu to Bohol where great diving can be found.

Very nice, but very expensive. It is lovely in the spring when the cherry blossoms bloom.

If you do go, don’t miss the Night Safari (by the zoo.)  It’s amazing!

Many wonderful beach resorts and good diving.

Burma and Cambodia
Burma is a very closed country. Cambodia offered views of Angkor Wat, an awesome temple site that rivals any other.

Just North of Hong Kong is China. Beijing is a fascinating city which allows you to see many historical sites, including the Great Wall. Xian is also a great spot to go to as the Terra Cotta Warriors are there. Dragonair has good packages into China.


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