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Hong Kong - Phone

Most phone numbers have eight digits. All calls within Hong Kong are free. If you call a company and get a recording, don’t hang up if it starts out in Chinese. Usually they will give you the same information in English and ask you to press a number to hear the rest of the instructions in English. Also, if you have a phone number that is blocked so the receiver can’t see who is calling them, you may occasionally get a message instructing you to “unblock” your phone by either dialing 133 and then the number, or 1357 and then the number. You will only need to do this if you get a recorded message telling you to do so. 

If you see a phone number such as 2828-2442/6, the slash means that the number can be 2828-2442 OR 2828-2446.

When a call goes through, you should hear one long ring, and then the following rings will be double rings. If you get a high pitched noise, you probably have a fax line.

If you need help making an international phone call, dial 10010.

If you need directory assistance, dial 1081 for help in English. 

If you have another phone service provider, the number to dial for an international call may be different. Check with them when you sign up for your service. 

International phone call
If you need help making an international phone call, dial 10010.
If Hong Kong Telecom is your phone provider, then to make an international call, dial 001+ country code  + area code +  telephone number.  To send a fax you may need to dial 002 instead of 001.

Mobile phones  
There are many places to buy mobile phones in Hong Kong. Make sure you ask about double and triple band phones. There are three different phone bands, so if you have a triple banded phone you should be able to use it anywhere, provided you have global roaming. If your phone is double or single banded, it may not transfer to another country.

Mobile phone providers

    Tel: + 852 2512-3123/+ 852 2827 0022/+ 852 2888 1010
  • Hutchinson Telecommunications
    Tel: + 852  2807 9888
  • Orange Sales Hotline
    Tel: + 852  2807 9800
  • Orange Customer Services Hotline
    Tel: + 852 1229
  • Nokia Mobile Phones
    Tel: + 852 2597 0100


  • PCCW HKT (Pacific Century Cyberworks, Hong Kong Telecom): 
    Hotline: 1000
    General Enquiries:  + 852 2888 2888
    Directory:  1081
    Telephone repair service:  109
    Also offers ISP and broadband