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Hong Kong - Unaccompanied Pet Supplies


Leash and Collar

The pet should have an ID tag (you may have to consider a permanent identification such as tattooing or placing a microchip under the pet’s skin)

Take some toys, chew bones, treats whatever your pet likes most

A water container with fresh water (you may want to freeze the water so it will thaw over the trip, or have it in a bottle attached to the cage so your pet can get a drink on the long, dehydrating flight!)

Some food (not too much, while travelling, pets usually do not need to be fed, it might be better to put them on a little diet for the length of the trip)

Medication if needed

Paper towels, plastic bags for clean up,depending on the pet

Vaccination and other veterinarian reports, especially the rabies certificate

Blanket or Bedding

You should contact your airlines with regard to what your pet will need for the flight to Hong Kong.

Talk to your vet or a company that specializes in exporting pets to get an idea what your pet will need.

You may also opt to put a "diaper" on your pet to keep the cage clean for the long flight.  There are pet diapers available. 
A week's worth of supplies.  Be sure you have enough food for the first week you are in Hong Kong so you aren't stressed about finding food for your pet when you land.  If a litter tray is necessary, be sure you have one handy so your pet can settle in quickly. 


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