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Hong Kong - Pet Care

Some kennels and pet cleaning places will come and pick up your pet. Some vets will make house calls. It’s difficult to get a pet anywhere unless you have your own car. If the animal is in a cage, then the taxi drivers are supposed to allow the animal in the taxi, but many are reluctant to do so with dogs. It should not be a problem transporting your cat in a cat carrier.

It is the law to walk a dog on a leash.You may want to consider muzzling your dog if you are walking on Bowen Road. On Bowen Road (a popular walking path) and in the Midlevels, poisoned meat has been found over the last decade and has taken the lives of many beloved dogs. The culprit has yet to be caught and erratically will place poisoned meat out.  Be sure to walk your dogs on a leash and if they are heading for meat that is on the ground, DON’T let them eat it!  Be alert as you walk your pet in this area. It’s difficult because 99% of the time there is no poison laid out, but when it’s there, it’s DEADLY and works quickly.  

  • SPCA
    Wan Chai
    5 Wan Shing Street
    Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals
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